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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Two Weeks Gone

Heya everyone

I can't believe its been two weeks since my last post. How lazy am I. Its been a very very full on couple of weeks with my emotions been battered and bruised in lots of ways possible.

My sister and Her husband have decided to seperate after 4 years of marriage and a 3 year old son. as you all know i am very close to them so it has hit me like a tonne of bricks! Im here to support them all and that will never change. It made me re think my life and where im headed and what i want for my son and my life, and for Adam! Why is it that something like this always makes you think of your own relationships! Im not saying that tomorrow adam and I will be back together because that is far far from my mind, but it has opened my eyes to the way that i want to treat him and how i want to be treated and how I want Seb to know that his mum and dad love him very much no matter what happens and that we are both here from him! Family is so important to me and i want that normaility for sebastyn. Adam and I have been spending lots of time together with seb and with each other and it has been nice because, i am getting to know adam again on the friends level! Which we didn't really do when we first got together. I think our relationship has changed for the good!

Work has been crazy crazy crazy which is good. I was in sydney on the weekend for a seminar which was nice! I like sydney, its very different atmosphere to Melbourne and i found the air to be alot nicer and fresher than Melbs. sorry to all you melbs people :)

Im going to kyabram on the weekend as my sister is getting her hair shaved for red kite day. To raise money for families with children who have cancer! I am planning to get lots of before and after photos.

I have been hanging out with some new people here in Bendigo which has been great! Im getting out there and meeting people! which i should have done a bloody long time ago!

I am missing my friends though and you know who you are and I can't wait to catch up with you all soon.

Have a great week and weekend and I am so not waiting another couple of weeks to update you!

Take Care everyone and know that i am thinking of everyone.

PS Becks and Bradman it was so good to see you both on Monday! Beck your looking beautiful as ever and i must admit your looking healthy and relaxed :) Bradman is growing up so much and to hear him talking was great!! He is growing every day babes :) See you soon


Chris H said...

Lovely to see you back, shame, I was in Sydney over the weekend and didn't see you!! Likely story eh? It is sad about your sister's marriage breakdown, but as you know, shit happens. As long as they both stay civil towards each other and loving towards their wee boy all should be good I suppose. Have a great week!

Harry said...

Gday ness,

Yes have already banked it so thank you for the heads up!!!?Its hard to see whats going on around you,but hey,worry about yourself,too much going on,they can sort it out and you are only an ear to them at the end of the day.They are the only ones that can influence each other,Besides you and Lee should org a weekend down ere with me,i think we can all do with the company at the moment.....have plenty to talk to you about and would rather see you down ere face to face.Keep the faith going and dont give in. Peace my love..... I Love you.

H xxoo