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Sunday, November 19, 2006

I need sleep

Wot a huge week i have had..

the cup was shitful i was very devastated, it rained it was cold and it rained and it was cold!!! i very put off!!! but a huge day, did lots of drinking, and lots of yaga bombs!!! never had them before and my god was i drunk drunk drunk...

I think it has all caught up with me, since i have worked this week plus the cup plus a seminar in Melbourne for work on this weekend, im bloody pooped!!! It was crazy in melbourne with the U2 concert and the g20 seminar!!!! never seen sooooo many people and sooo much traffic

Well our hot water service bursted so we were without water for three days!! That was lots of fun not!!!! I ended up getting up nice and early before work on friday and going to the gym for a work out and having a shower because i was so sick of boiling water on the stove!! :) Lucky it wasn't my week to have seb otherwise i wouldn't been going off my head!!

My sister and her lil boy are coming over next weekend which i can't wait for because its been ages since i seen them both then the following weekend its her 30th which i ammm sooooo looking forward to !!!!

heya Beckie i did that age thing and it was pretty spot on with me :) hehehe you find all these wonderful fun things to do!! I love it!!!

I can't believe this weather i so wish that it would make up its mind if it was to be hot, cold rain hail or shine!!!!!! Rain be good if your listening up there..

Its been a real struggle for me this week. I haven't seen seb much which is partly my fault because im trying to have as minimal contact with adam as possible but that is whole different post!! im missing him like crazy and can't wait to have him and snuggle and kiss him and kiss him some more this week and going swimming and do lots of fu stuff with him!!! i have missed him terribly... ( tears in my eyes) You would think that after a year that i would be use to it by now, but i don't think i will ever get use to it!! I think now that things are clearer in my head about adam etc it will get harder going week without seeing his beautiful face and hear him say bickie bickie and bike bike, and giggles (wiggles)....

I have possums at my house and there is a dog that lives next door and it is going crazy they must be out the back.. they walk along my fence to the next door neighbours house and play in the trees, just as i wrote that bang bang across my roof!!!

Well think its time for me to go slump my arse on the couch in front of the TV and get myself chilled for sleep.. i have not been sleeping much this week, keep waking up hundred times during the night which is pissing me off so hopefully i get some zzzz tonite.

Nite everyone


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