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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Merry Christmas everyone i know its a day late but better late than never!!! I am a bit annoyed at the moment as i can't find my cord to attach my camera to the computer so i can't upload any photos.. It was a very big day and a very long day and i have now done my job having xmas at my house :)

Seb was very spoilt from everyone which was nice but everything he got was practical and can use it all!!

My day started off with only 3 hours sleep as i had a big nite.. I was then tasting the lamb that i was cooking and i split my teeth in half and so i am in lots of pain and can't get into a dentist cause they are all on holidays and the emergency dentist finished today at mid day so wouldn't see me!! :( Anyways i have to work tomorrow morning so will see if i can get something done in the morning!! even though when i get a tooth pulled out i always feel like shit... work will just have to deal with me!!

anyways just in case i don't get back on before new years i hope that everyone has safe holidays with their families and enjoys themselves..

I love you all



Chris H said...

BELATED MERRY CHIRSTMAS CHICK! Glad its all over now and life gets back to 'normal'.... whatever that is! For me its bloody housework.

Miss Beck said...

Yeeeouch! Split tooth? Poor thing.

Happy New Years if I don't see you before then (unless you are planning to go out this Friday night???)


Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Merry kissmass to you too lady.... bummer about the tooth... nothing worse hey!!!