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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Weigh in - Week 13 & and a House Finally

So its been two weeks since i have been weighed. but i weighed in at 77.1 and body fat the same. the last two weeks have been very draining on me with work and trying to get into a routine. I have not exercised i have not eaten properly so i need to get some order in my life.

On a positive note i am loving my job, I love the environment, I love the people I work with, and im learning lots about the body and health.

I am having adjustments done to my back, and yesterday I had x-rays done to see what areas of my spine need work! I am also taking sebastyn in today to have his first visit and determine if chiropractic can help him.

On another positive note, i finally got a house. which i move into on saturday. I am so excited and so happy that everything is finally working out for me! Its 3 bedroom has a huge backyard and has a bath. so the first thing i am going to do is have a bloody bath since its been s long.

Well i can smell a nasty smell coming from sebastyns lil bottom so i must go change it and get on with my day.

Hope everyones week has been good and i hope to catch up with everyones blogs soon.



cdb said...

Hi Ness - I'm so glad you finally found a house and that your job is going well. It is great to see that things are definitely looking up!

Jadey 0:-) said...

Woohoo Looks like things are finally ehading down the right path for you. It must be so exciting to have found your own place after all this time.

Beckie said...

Bloody pleased that you found a house, I think thats awesome!

Hope you adore having a big long bath!

If you need help moving, just let me know doll!

Now, the best news ever - 77kgs? Nessa, congratulations!!!

Beckie said...


Update please!!


M said...

Congrats on the house Ness. And oh the bliss of having a bath. Its really great that things are looking up.

Our two boys go to the Chiro often so they are so used to it now. I think they have worked little miracles. Hope yours can do the same for you and Sebastyn.

Hope you are having a great day :D