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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Weigh in Week 14 & 15

Ok first update i will do is i love my job... the people i work with are great and the clients are great and i feel great..

Weigh in Week 14 I weighed in at 76.4 and this week I weighed in at 75.5 kgs.. So guess what I have 9.5 kgs to go to goal weight. How exciting is that?? Im excited i tell you.

Im feeling good about myself and feeling healthy even though im not eating enough. im eating lots of soup the last couple of days because i finish work late its something easy to cook and eat.

Well thats, that out of the way..

Okkkk i don't really know where to start....

MY HOUSE!! i will have to borrow my bros camera and take some photos. i have been here nearly 3 weeks and im so not settled in yet.. hahaha funny that when you work and have a child.... maybe sometime soon i might have some stability in my life... LOL

MY JOB- Well i am what they call a chiropractic assistant, and i love my job i really do.... i am off to sydney this weekend for a conference which i am looking forward to. Weekend away with my bosses, get to learn a little more about them :) I have just started learning rooms as i have been on front desk for the last 2 weeks and i tell you when u are in rooms you have no concept of time.. Its amazing seeing the chiropractor at work and how she does things. I have been getting adjustments the last few weeks and i have been taking seb also and it does wonders. my body is changing slowly, but i can feel the changes... and in the long run it will be better for my health and well being.

MY SON - Seb is a little terror and i love him to bits.. he is growing up to this lil young man so quickly.. good first impressions he made on saturday nite out for Becks tea though. Spewed everywhere didn't he beckie???? Was lovely!!!! Sorry Brock and Michelle :) hehehehe hopefully next time you see him he might be happier.

MY EXCERCISE - LOL hahahaha what exercise... i have been so slack, but i am tyring to get myself into a routine.. but im starting back PTing next week which i am looking foward to as i have been losing weight but not the body fat and i need to get that down. Aiden who is one of my bosses is so good full of information. i could talk to him all day about eating and exercise etc, but one thing that i am trying to do is eat organic. so seb and i have been having organic milk and veggies as i am trying to cut down on the chemicals that we put into our body.Also a tip that he gave me... You should drink 1 ltr of water to every 30kgs you weigh every day. so there is something useful for you. I am going through a lot of changes in my life right now, but its all for the good, and its about me having the energy levels i need to keep me going every day and to be able to play with my lil boy and be able to do the things that i want to do.

MY FRIEND BRON - Well my friend bron has been overseas since october has fallen in love with a aussie bloke and now is back for a few weeks. but we can't catch up which is a bummer and i miss her... and so we talking on the phone the other day and she won't be back again until march next year.... think i might have to save my pennies and go and visit her in canada... Can be a goal that i can aim for :)

Well i have to start work nice and early in the morning so i should get some shut eye.. hope this is an update to keep you all going.... i can' wait to read everyones blogs and see how you are all going and what you been up too!!!

Until next time, which won't be that long away... Take care and smile at a stranger!! you will make their day



Sue said...

Wow! Less than 10kg to go!

Beckie said...

Ness, I am so proud of you!

It's great great great to hear you are going organic. As you know Mat is a massive food nazi. The best way to put it is, he is against most 'pre packaged foods because of alll the preservatives. Seriously, next time you pick up ANY packaged food, check out the preservatives and colourings they put in it. Makes you think. (preservative 220 is the one they believe sends kids hypo I've been told)

Anyway, Seb was gorgeous the other night, Im so suprised to see such a tiny child walking!

Have a fantastic weekend away!