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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Catch up

Well hello everybody!! What a busy time it has been for me! i have finally caught up with everyones blogs and how fantastic everyone is doing with weight losses.. Its fantastic.

I have had a dreaded sinus infection that has finally gone.. i felt like i had a migrane 24/7 in my forhead it was horrible!!!

Sydney was awesome, except that it rained the whole time i was up there, which sucked because back in good old Bendigo it was sunshine!!! I learnt lots more about being a chiropractic CA and becoming my confident in myself and in my work!!

Mmm what else, seb has just become so independent. as you will see from the photos, he likes to feed himself now!! Mmmmmm what a fun clean up job it is.

Cheeky lil bugger. I am getting him weighed and measured next wednesday its been ages since i have had it done, so it will be interesting to see!!! He is learning more words every day and it won't be long before he starts putting sentences together.

I got myself weighed today. Its been ages since i have updated you i have been oh so very slack. i weighed in at 74.2 and my body fat is at 41.1% !!!! i have lost 10.5kgs since i started.

Im feeling good within myself but i just want to reach goal and feel that extra good about myself. Beckie everytime you come into work you always complementing me, thanks so much, it makes you feel good....

I got a F&*%ing $290 gas bill in the mail the other day i was sooooo shattered.... os upset and so grrrrrrrr... when i don't have seb i am going to freeze as i don't need another one of those coming my way!!!!

I start extra shift this week at work which will be good money wise but will have to get my butt into gear and get organised.

Well its my day off today and i got all my washing done thank god, its such a beautiful day, i walked into town with seb which was good cause he had a sleep, and now he is having another sleep... I got a PT tonite :( arrggghh oh so not looking forward to it!!!

Well i might go and read a book and chill for a bit while lil is sleeping.

Take care everyone and ill try and post a lil more regular

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