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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I am such a slack arse lately!!! Ummm where do i start!!! Well lots has happened over the last week.. I went to Kyabram on the weekend to spend some time with my sister and we went to a ball that was awesome. Photos to come!!!! I got absolutely plastered and didn't get home until 5.30am in the morning!! Ohhh god i felt so old!!!!!! i don't know how people can do that every weekend!!!!!

I am very proud of myself! I ran on the treadmill at the gym last week for 20 minutes. First time i have ever done it!! i was so proud of myself!! I couldn't kept going but i didn't want to kill myself!!

Ummmmmm what else!! I caught up with Miss Beckie Boo on wednesday... Ohh what a blast of day we had today!!! I have another ball to go to this weekend in ballarat so we went shopping fo some shoes and had so much fun. thanks so much for your help.

so here are some photos and sneek peeks of what i will be wearing. The rest you will have to wait for!!! so as you can see the bottom of my dress and the shoes! stayed tuned

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Beckie said...

Oh god, I must wear makeup when leaving the house.

It was so much fun going shopping with you.

Now where are the pics of the weekend hmmmm?