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Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Well im 25 today!! Mmmmm how am i feeling old. not a young 20 year old anymore!!! But I must admit i have been very spoilt today!!!

Where do i start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Firstly i woke up to a text msg from Sebastyn and Sperm donor which was nice, then i opened up a card from my dad which has a pleasant surprise of some money because i really need some new bras and knickers. My sis and Taj called me and sang me happy birthday it was really cute...

My darling friend Sheree sent me some beautiful flowers to work and also gave me a voucher which i must spend on myself heheheh as i always have the habbit of spending them on seb..

Beautiful Becks made me this necklace which i can't wait to wear :) i have to buy myself something green to wear it with :)

My darling brother brought me a 7o min stone package at Silk day spa which i have booked in for next week i can't wait it is going to be so relaxing and also him and alli cooked my a roast lamb and it was sensational :) Best damn roast ever i tell you

My dearest friend Rinda brought me a ticket to John Mayer in April which i bloody can't wait for :) I am so damn excited i love john mayer its going to be awesome...

Work was wonderful they got me a cake and also got to knock off work early so spent some time with seb and he got me some scratchies and a tattslotto ticket so hopefully its a winner :)

I thank everyone for all there kind words and it was such a beautiful day i got so spoilt and it was worth turning 25 even though i cringe at the thought of being that age :)

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Jadey 0:-) said...

Happy Birthday babes! No Need to cringe you are only mid 20's now :P and it sounds like you've been spoilt rotten