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Monday, November 12, 2007

Weigh In

Soo i finally found some motivation to go and get my back side kicked this morning at the gym... I have been weighin myself at ails house and thought ill weigh myself at the gym... Sooo i jumped on the scales and i was surprised... 76.2 kgs :) I was very happy! its slowly coming off!! I just need to get a little bit more motivated!! and i know that i can get to my goal weight...

I am looking at this little by little and not thinking of the big picture my goal weight is... I now know that i am 4kgs off being back to the lowest that i was last year!! If i can get there i will be happy and then i can set myself a new goal until finally i am goal weight..

Motivation is the hardest thing at the moment!! And i know i can do it i just need some kicking!!

I am noticing the difference in my body since i have been having my Pt's i have bicepts and my leg muscles are getting more defined but the biggest thing i suppose is that my work clothes are starting to fit better so i know that i am doing something....

Soooo i am going to put my arse into gear and start doing some more excercise because i know that is where i am lacking!! Im going to start going for more walks at nite when i have seb and when i finish work and get into the gym a little bit more!

I can do this!!!


Chris H said...

Yaa for motivation, and walking in the evenings is so nice! Have fun.

Miss Beck said...

You can do this????

Correction hon, you ARE doing this!!!

4 kilos off your lowest qweight is awesome. Go Nessa Go Nessa!