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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Proud as Punch

I am very proud at the moment of lots of things.

First i just want to give a huge big hugs and kisses to Becks!! I love ya to bits girl and i am so proud of you with your motivation and energy levels to finally have a plan and know that it is going to work for you to lose your weight that you need to lose. Keep going girl and if you ever feel down just think that its all going to be worth it in the end :)

Secondly i am proud of me!! I have been a non lazy person this week to a certain degree. I have been into the gym once this week and i walked into town this morning and back again. And i tell you there are some bloody big hills i walked up. i will have to get a photo and pushing a pram didn't help at all... I think ready everyone elses blogs and seeing how motivated everyone has been its made me think i better get of my arse and start doing some stuff..

Thirdly im proud of my lil boy seb!! He is just learning things every day! today a i have about 11 steps at the front of my house and i count to him each time we go up and down them he started doing it on his own. i would say 1 and he said 2 and i said 3 and he said 4 all the way up to six.. very cleaver of him.... its exciting that things are starting to stick in his head :)

Well i don't have to work until later tomorrow morning so going to have a sleep in since seb has not been sleeping.... i am looking forward to a non breaking sleep tonite!! its hard having broken sleep and then having to go to work i tell yas!!

Well have a good nite everyone and talk soon


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Beckie said...

Ness thank you for your kind words.

Im proud of you for all your new efforts to get up and moving again. Hard to get back into it sometimes but you're doing it!