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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Ok so i went into the gym tonite.. Yes Yes i did for the first time in about 4 weeks or maybe longer! :) And i got told to do pump umm yes so i did and well i think i will be paying for it.. not only has it been the first real work out i have done, i was doing really lite weights and no weights in the lung track as i hate lunges and i nearly threw up!! My god how unfit am I???? I had my massage afterwards and it killed me, but i am feeling sorry for myself right now.. im sore all over and i thought that massage mite of helped me :) ummm NOT!!!

I feel good though i got on the scales today at the gym and have gone back to 77 kgs so i am now determined more than ever to get rid of this weight and get my arse into the gym!!! i have to make time for it no matter what i have to make time to exercise!!! and get myself fit.. so my gym bag is packed and im going tomorrow lunch time also!! i hate doing things during my lunch break but for the sake of my body and my quiet time at home im going... im going, im going im going to force myself!

I have the house to myself tonite which has been nice, Prison Break has just finished and i should actually be going to bed for work tomorrow, but for some reason i am not tired at all... not one yawn not even itchy eyes :)

So my goal this week at work was to go the gym i have achieved that :)

Gym - 45 minutes of Body PUMP

I am going to set myself lil goals every sunday and im going to achieve them!

Im so proud of myself for going to the gym today its a start in the right direction i now have to stay focused!!

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