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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Naughty and Nice

Naughty i feel like being and nice, well i am :) hehehe
Thanks for the comments guys!!! i just needed to vent and Becks no you have not made me feel that way so get that outta ya head!!
Hope you don't mind me writing this mum :)
My mum reads my blog and keeps updated about sebastyn not that i have done alot of updating about him lately so that is coming!! but here title in her email back was
smile.. it makes the darkest of days bright!!! I really liked that so thank you!!! There is alot of history between us and alot of things that will never be forgiven but you get to a point in your life where enoughs enoughs move on, things happen!!! I had not spoken to my mum in many years and i found out i was pregnant and one of the first things that went through my head was, oh my god what happened if mum died tomorrow and never got to see her grandson!! I would have had so much regret and anger about it.....I stewed over this for ages but i really wanted to let her know that i was pregnant and that she was going to be a grannie again!! I suppose the point i am getting at here is that life is so short!! we all do things for a reason, and so many people REGRET so many things... but you should never regret anything you do you should learn from everything you do!! we all make bad choices in life but we make our choices for a reason..
anyways i have been feeling a little better about the whole "back burner" situation and i have come to a point now where i am like so be it move on, get on with life! no point dwelling about it there is nothing you can do you just be there for who ever needs you... and then i was like hang on am minute what about me!! i seem to always bloody put everyone else first!! what about bloody me!!! Soooo one of the exercises i had to do for butterfly program was write down how much time i have to myself and the things i do for me.. Well that was a very interesting exercise for the whole week i did about 5 things for me which took me about 3 hours!! out of a whole week.. kinda shows nessy needs some more pampering..
Well this is a really long post so i might get to the picture part then.. there is some pictures from our xmas in july party and my darling lil man and family
love your boobies brooke :) i had such an awesome time!! and i was really silly just ask the girls i love being about to be silly and really let my hair down.. and that is what i did!!

This was our bloggers party!! was sooo yummmm.... ,my favourite photo is coming right up!!
This is ails at koko black.. she helped me break my cherry.. we got all of that for $20 it was awesome who needs men for orgasms when your got koko black!!!

This is my darling brother and seb giving him a kiss.. He loves Uncle Krys!!! they could play and play for hours these too..

This is I and terror!!!!! i like this photo because our eyes are both so wide open..... we look crazy!!

and last but not least our new lounge suite.. its bliss its leather its awesome.. it smells awesome, and we put our old lounge suite out the front, for the summer to come!! i can't wait!!

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Chris H said...

PHEW what to comment on???? I agree with letting the past stay in the past and move on.... life is for living! People who spend half their lives trying to analyse the 'whys' need to wake up and smell the coffee, they are wasting their lives... move on! Good for you for doing this. And YES !!! to making time for yourself mate. Love the Xmas Party photos, we just had one too, so much fun. And yep, the lounge suite is devine, a fantastic choice as a kid can throw up in a leather suite and it so does not matter! We got one for just that reason!