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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I have become so lazy with my blogging lately! I think its more a need to find time to blog with such a busy life. Work takes up so much time and i seriously need to get myself organised and prepare for my weeks.

The long weekend was a busy weekend for me! I went and stayed with my dad for one nite. I feel that things have changed. Its weird i feel when i go and see dad now im not going home. Does that make sense. I just feel that i have to tred on egg shells when im at dads. Its not like a home its more like a palace that has everything in place and things can't get messy or you can't make a mess! But besides that i caught up with my aunty who i haven't seen in ages and it was really nice to see her. She has a labradoodle dog and its huge and seb had sooo much with him..... its was funny... Coby could of eaten seb all up!! :)

I am really spewing that i have not found my digital camera as there have been so many photograph moments of seb that i have not been able to catch. I am going to have to borrow my brothers camera and take some photos and update you all on how much he has grown. He is very cheeky and copying everything. I must go and get him weighed and see how he is going.

The exercise and eating has been really crap lately, but on a good note i ran for the first time at the gym on tuesday for 15 minutes and my shins didn't hurt, so im pretty proud about that!!

I have to balls coming up at the start of July so next weekend im off to melbourne to go dress shopping. Im looking foward to getting dressed up and having my hair and make up done, as most of you who know me well im not a girly girl!!!! So i will have to put a photo of me in a dress on here because it will be one a million :)

I hope that everyone had a good break over the weekend.... I actually did get my house clean, but that didn't last long with seb getting into everything and making a mess :)

Well im off to Bed its been a big day. My sister has come to stay for a couple of days.


M said...

Family is a funny thing. Sometimes you can't bear to be without them and other times you can't bear to with near them.

Seb sounds like he is growing into a wonderfully inquisitive boy. Would be great to see some photo's when you get the camera organised.

Well done on your run Ness, that's great. :D

linda said...

Bugger about your camera. I dropped mine and the lens wont retract properly so it's 'stuffed' for the time being.

Well done on the pain free running and enjoy your Melb shopping expedition.

Beckie said...

You sound tired sausage.

Im glad your sister is there for you right now. Mat just said we've got to catch up with you. I said "Yeah, sure, when she can find time to have a bath on her own!" Give us a hoy when you want some company. I know how hard it is to find time for yourself.

Love ya.