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Friday, June 23, 2006

Mice are not Nice

Firstly Beck came overon wednesday and visisted with Bradman. It was so much fun and it was good to catch up. The boys where so funny.. so go check out Becks blog for some update pics of Seb and also Bradman.

Secondly, I have super mice in my house!! they are eating my lino they are leaving there droppings everywhere and its making me sick.. So over the last couple of weeks of i have been trying to get rid of them!! Mmm with mice traps but they have been to smart and getting their food and running away, so now i am trying the bait. they are throw bags that the mice eat and are SUPPOSE to die.. well i have gone through 4 packets of this stuff and the mice are still living!!! MMMMMM so now comes the hard stuff.
Pest control are coming in to get rid of my stinky furring yucky ugly friends that have been living in the bottom of my oven..
........ So while seb has been having his sleep this morning I have been in my kitchen with the pino clean and have cleaned all the walls my table my benches, my cupboards the floor everywhere they have been to get rid of the smell and to kinda feel clean!!! But the smell is still on my nose. and i still don't feel clean!!!

I have decided that i am going to keep a food log in my blog now!! It thinking it might straighten me out with not eating so much junk.

Well my lil precious has decided to rise so im going to meet a friend for lunch..

catch ya's all

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Beckie said...

Eewww @ the mice, hope everything is cleared up now. They really do stink the place up dont they?

How great were the pictures of the boys?

Oh, i havent emailed them to you yet. Let me go do that now!