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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

ONE dead mouse and my 100th Post

Sooo for my 100th post ill be talking dead mice :) I woke up this morning to give seb a bottle and low and behold there was a mouse in the middle of my kitchen floor. Its scrared the absolute shittaaaasss outta me!!! I took one step down and it didn't move. It was sitting there with its tail curled around. and i thought ohh my god its got friendly!!! So i got a ice cream container and put it over the top of it and it still didn't move and then put a huge container of water on top of that so it could go anywhere... I texted adam and said please come around and remove the mouse from my kitchen... and he did thank god otherwise it would still be sitting there dead....

Pest control will be around this week to bait my house and get rid of the rest hopefully!!!!

So hopefully there will be some peace and quiet in my house without mice :)

I have my first inspection for my house next month and I asked them today if i could put a sand pit in the back yard for sebastyn and they said yes so i think thats great.. gives him something to play with outside instead of going and hiding in the outside toilet all the time...

Well my day off today has been productive and lil man is having a sleep at the moment, and my dad and his wife are coming to baby sit this weekend, so im trying to get the house all cleaned :) hehehehe.... knowing mazza i will come home from my ball and the house will be spotless :)

Toodles for now!!

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M said...

LOL at the dead mouse. Though I would not have been as brave as you and gone screaming out of the room.

Congratulations on your 100 post. :D