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Thursday, March 15, 2007

1.41AM ....... What The?

1.41AM and i am up. Just been in with a sooking lil man!! he is restless tonite, and me well im just not sleeping. Why Ummmmmm not sure... Its nearly been 32 hours without a smoke and i tell you i really needed one after work tonite. You know when you just have one of those days and you need something to destress well i bloody needed a smoke. I picked up seb from sperm donar and he just irritates me to the maximum, i f&^%ing hate seeing him everyday when i have seb, how are you suppose to move on with your life when your seeing your ex everyday?? and i needed a smoke.. so instead i walked in the front door blerted to my brother and that was that, and had a can instead :) hehehe!!! Just one!!!! which i drank over an hour and a half :)

And now im awake for what ever reason not feeling tired and having to get up and getting ready to go to work this morning at 6.30am thank god i have this afternoon off :) I am looking forward to that.. Im going to go into the gym and have a work out and then pick my lil man up from creche and if the weather is nice, we might go for a walk arond the lake, and he can go on his bike :) that should keep him entertained for a bit!!

Well i might put my ipod in my ears and listen to some music and see if that helps. If not im in the middle of Schapelle Corby's book so might read a few pages of that.

Nite all. actually i should say morning hehehe!!!


Chris H said...

You are going through withdrawal, you are pissed with sperm donor, you have too much on your mind... I hope you finally got to sleep! Try and have a wonderful day today...

Jadey 0:-) said...

I can relate - my eyes have not closed before 4am for the last 4 days. It's starting to piss me right off and the doctor says it's going to sort itself out. ARGGHHH