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Friday, March 30, 2007

Relay for Life - Update

Okkk so i made it.. i didn't do the whole 2 hours though, as being sick didn't help. I even ran a lap and a half thanks to sim :) but felt sick after it!!! had a nice pile of green snot at the fence :) hehehehehe... get that image in your heads :)

Good luck to everyone doing the fun run for kids this weekend :) enjoy yourselfs,

Just going out to buy seb birthday present. He is going to be two on tuesday :) My lil baby boy is growing up so fast....

I was always the person that was going to have a bus load of children. I love children.... After having sebastyn and everything that has happened with sperm donar, i couldn't see myself having that bus load anymore! Seb is im treasure and everything to me, trying to share my love would be sooo hard......

On that note i went to becks on wednesday for a catch up and so that boys could have a play and hurt themselves, which they did.... and it was so funny we were talking about Men and becks said to me "your so hot ness why don't you have a man in your life?" I said to her im not ready!!! I think alot of other factors come into it... having a son, i don't want to be bringing hundred of people into his life, i would just like to meet Mr Right and that be it!! it may never happen, but i think i could be happy being single for the rest of my life!! A few booty calls here and there and i think i could be one happy women :)


Chris H said...

Take it from someone who has had to share her love around MANY... it can be done! Until you have another child you can not understand this concept.... I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Beckie said...

I agree Ness, I cant see you stopping at just one.

I know you arent ready for another man. You certainly don't need one to complete you. I do however think it's sad that sperm donor has dappened your want to have more bubbies.

Beckie said...

CONGRATULATIONS on doing the run.