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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Relay For Life

SOoo here i have been thinking all week that i am walking tonite from 8pm - 10pm when really its 8am - 10am.. which doesn't bother me either way, i just thought awesome seb will be in the pram, its his bed time he will sleep the whole way.. hehehe !!! So i went out today and brought myself a beanie, as last weekend has caught up on me and i have a very blocked/sniffling nose and didn't want my cold to get worse tonite for the walk. But now that i am walking in the morning, least i get another nite sleep to actually try and get over this cold!!!! As long as i am better for next weekend as i have the John Mayer concert.. which i am looking forward to!!

I weighed myself at Becks on wednesday on her cool scales.... I was very devasted at seeing my weight!! Sooooo now i really do have to get myself motivated and get out of this F&*%$ing rut that i am in..... All my motivation has gone out the window.... I am not motivated or inspired to get off my arse and combat this challenge of getting rid of my fat/babyfat etc etc..... How do i go about doing that!! Mmmmmmm i have no idea.. Maybe i need a challenge or something i don't know!!!

Any suggestions anyone??

Well better go and start on my washing, as i have not really done any this week with this weather that we have been having.

Any feedback would be appreciated!! :)


Juney Jay said...

I found your blogs from Ails. You girls look appear to have had such fun!
John Mayer concert - wow that will be fun!!
I could never go to concerts when I was your age, I had my babies and no one to look after them. Does Sebastyn stay with his dad?
Well i look forward to reading more!!! :)

Beckie said...

I forgot you had the John Mayer concert! GET BETTER!

Ness, weighing yourself may have been a blessing in disguise. At least you can give yourself a kick in the bum now rather than 6 mths down the track.

Motivation, damn, I dont know. Looking for some myself.