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Monday, March 05, 2007

A Bit of everything

Here are some pics for starters

here is the beautiful Becks on her night out! YOU always take hot pics babe!!
here is my brother and sebastyn having a dance on friday nite. seb is a lil groover he is so funny. we were teaching him the bum dance.. it was soooo cute...

here is seb, cj and alli
So there you go a few pics for you to browse at... on another note i went to the gym this morning and talking to my darling friend Sheree, who is getting married in November!! its so exciting!! i promised myself i won't cry but will just have to wait and see :) which reminds me i need to find a date :) LOL im taking seb to the wedding, so i suppose he can be my date for that :)
anyways we catching up the weekend which will be nice i love our lil get togethers and our chats that we have :) we have such a funny relationship because we can go a week without talking to each other but we both know that if we need each other we are there, we don't have to live out of each others pockets which is good!!! Anyways i weighed myself while i was there, and i was disgusted with myself.. i weighed in at 79.7 and 45% body fat.. which means since i had my last weigh in at slim i was 74 kgs which means i have put 5 kgs... 5 fucking kilos.... i can't believe that i have let myself go after all the hard work that i put in!!! so i need some dicipline!!! it times like these i wish i was a super star so i had someone at my beck and call to motivate me and to push me.. i suppose i still have PTs at the gym but i need to be able to fit them into my work life and child life, and there are only 2 ppl at the gym that i would get to pt me so i would need to fit into them too!! Im pretty down about it because im mad at myself for not putting in the effort that i should be, for not eating correctly for drinking too much shit and eating so much shit!! for eating chocolate none stop!!! i don't want to get back to my orginal weight!!! i think if i did i would crawl into a hole and never come out of it!!
I had my exams at the chiro on thursday where they test you to see how your body is functioning and well im doing crap!!! i have not been helping myself outside my adjustments so my body is not functioning as well as it should be!! so i have been put back on intense which requires me to have 3 adjustments a week then 2 and then down to 1 and hopfeully by doing my exercises and stretches outside of work i will be functioning better. it might explain why i have been feeling like shit and tired and my bowels not functioning very well...... besides not eating properly..
Well i suppose i better go get myself some lunch and get ready to go to work this afternoon. i am liking my new working hours at the moment which is good but they will change once de and aidan get back from their holiday next week. but its been good to not work all day everyday...
Soo tomorrow i am not working and seb and I are going to go for a huge walk and i am going to make myself do some sort of exercise everyday. i am going to the gym thursday morning also as i don't have to work!! i have to start getting motivated and get out of this rutttttt that i am in.. and reach my goal weight... I can do it!!!!!!!


Chris H said...

You can do it.... as long as you are not all talk and no do like me! You are not a super star, so you really only have yourself to drive the motivation, no one else can do it for you! You eat chocolate ... you look like da chocolate eh? Good luck with the walk tomorrow, and keep it up.

Beckie said...

You can do it! Ive seen you when determination gets in your eyes.

PTs have worked for you in the past, so I understand why you want to keep them up. Could you walk to work instead?

Would you email me the pic walking up the stairs? I cant click on it to make it bigger, but I can do it with the others.

Jadey 0:-) said...

Sounds like things are going well there gorgeous. Seb is getting spunkier as he gets bigger. He's going to be a heartbreaker :p