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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Start of A Healthier Life Style - DAY 1

I was talking to bec last week about quitting soft drink as i am a huge fan of it and really need to cut down, but i also started up smoking again when adam and I broke up, after not smoking for 2 years.... So anyways today is DAY 1 of not having a cigga.... I had my last one about 6pm last nite, and i usually have one after i eat tea, but i couldn't last nite. I was a little bit edgy about it but quickly got over it. Last time i quit i quit cold turkey which is what i am doing again. This time may be a little bit harder as most of my friends smoke where as adam didn't smoke and that made it easier.

I am feeling good about it and really looking forward to getting my fitness back and being able to do things without getting puffed. This is one step forward to a healthier me...... Will be interesting to see how my moods are :) hehehee

One step at a time.....


Jadey 0:-) said...

WOOHOOO GO NESS! That's a great move! And you are doing it for Seb too! Remember he needs clean fresh air cause he is a growing boy.

I'm so proud of you.

Chris H said...

What a fantastic thing to do...I was a smoker for about 16 years and stopping is one of the hardest things to do... you have done it before, so I'm sure you can do it again. Good luck.