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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Butterfly Program - Week 2

I had my first weight and body fat results program! I have decided that i am not going to post them as they are not my main focus for doing this, but a major player in the whole picture, but i don't want to get down on myself if i don't lose weight or my body fat goes up, because somewhere in my week i would have achieved something else, and i want to stick to talking about my positives not the negatives :)

Soooo i took my awesome red box into the gym and we went over it and talked a little but why i put certain things on it etc etc, and then i got my homework for week 2. This week i have put things in my box that will help me along the way and also things that i would like to have in my life. Soooo for example i am going to QLD in January for a holiday so i might put pictures of QLD in their and a bikini..... everyday i am to look in the box to help inspire and motivate me...

Also i have to write a diary about all the food that i eat, when i wake up and go to sleep and if i feel tired when i wake up, how many hours sleep i have, if i wake during the nite, how much caffenince, alcohol or nicotine i have and my feelings.... Then we will talk about it at my next session

Sooo i decided that i will be right with the alcohol and nicotine part as i am not having any alcohol during this 12 weeks and Im nearly one month of quitting smoking :)

I have been great, i have got up early every morning this week and have gone into the gym. This morning i did combat!!! Don't know if i will do it again!!! its very high impact which i liked but my back didn't like it very much!!!

Sooo this morning i don't have my little man as i have to go into work for a work meeting Yippie, but I will have all afternoon with him!! Hopefully he will be in a nice mood for me today!

Got my PT Session tonite, and then a massage which i think my body needs with all this exercising i am doing!

I hope you enjoyed my story on sleep! i was allowed to take the book home yesterday from the gym, there is some other interesting facts in their that i will have to update you on in the near future.

Take care everyone!!

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Chris H said...

I can't get over how positive you are, and blogging so diligently now! I am also so proud of you for not smoking for a whole month now.... you are doing so well Ness, keep it up.... and put lots of really good stuff in ya box!