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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Beautiful Butterfly

Vanessa - (Greek) means beautiful butterfly

That is my goal is to feel like a beautiful butterfly - not only have i started my PT's again - oh i feel sore today, but i am also joining a 12 week program called the Butterfly program. I don't know much about the program at this stage, i will find out more this afternoon at my first session... But i do know that we set out goals, I do challenges every week and I do a vision box which i am looking forward to doing!!! Sooo i feel great that i am using all my resources to get myself back on track! Im sick of my weight yo yoing and im sick of feeling like shit!

My coughing has finally settled down, and i am so happy about that!! Now its time to get my fitness back on track and lose some weight, body fat and most of those some CM's.

More about the butterfly program later!!!


Chris H said...

Is a vision box like what Beckie did? Where you put up photos/pictures of people, clothes etc that you aspire to??? I am gunna do one of those!

Wanna_B_slim said...

Good luck with your butterfly program.. sounds life a gr8 motivator...