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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Nemo On Ice

Oh my god! did anyone go and see nemo on ice?? It was bloody awesome! Sebastyn had a ball he kept yelling out "hello nemo, hello marlin hello dori it was funny and cute all at the same time! He sat on my brothers knee the whole time clapping and laughing and go ohhh wow!!! Next Disney on ice is high school musical think i might give that one a miss and wait and see what they bring out next!!! if any gets a chance to go and see a disney on ice go for it!! they are very cleaver :)

Had the best nite sleep in a very long time last nite which was awesome, i even woke up this morning before my alarm went off. Was in at the gym bright and early this morning! I am starting to run which im enjoying. i get on the tred mill and set it so i do a few minutes walking a few minutes running, ween myself into it!!!

I feeling good and more energy which is good!! but we will see how long that lasts, as one of the ladies at work has gone on holidays which means i am working every shift for the next 2 weeks!! See how my energy levels are after that!!

Well better be off and get myself ready for work this afternoon.

Take care ya all!!

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Chris H said...

Ahh treadmills.... I cannot run! Never have, probalby never will.... thing is, don't even want to! I'm just so glad I can walk,bend dwon, jump, see me toes! Ha ha ha. Good for you getting back into it .. hope the next two weeks don't knacker you!