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Friday, January 18, 2008

Another Classic From Sebastyn

I have had seb all this week, and it has been awesome, spending lots of time with him reading and playing. While we were away i started to right down words and got him to read them. He was very good and he remember i don't know if thats because he remember or if he could actually read them..

Anyways this morning he was playing with his wiggles things there is a stop sign and a give way sign and they are colours green and red.... Anyways he thinks they are teenage mutan ninja turtles... but anyways he calls one of them ninjanardo instead of leonardo... It has my belly hurting with laughter when he says it!!

anyways off to a lunch thing with work!! yippie

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Chris H said...

Isn't it lovely how wee kids mispronounce words? One of ours, can't remember which one! used to call Kentucky Fried Chicken "Fucken fried Ickken".... so funny.