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Monday, April 03, 2006

Im Craving Exercise

Yes im craving excercise!! I don't know why, of all things......why can't i be craving chocolate, or ice cream or lollies......?? My Bro and I went shopping yesterday and we brought him a bike. So we went for a huge big bike ride yesterday in the bush, it was lots of fun and very hard work on my legs.. but i was proud that i pushed my self up some steep hills!!! Sooo we got home after about an hour of bike riding and I was ok im off into the gym to do some weights!!! then i got home last nite, and I wanted to do more!!! I was up again this morning and into the gym and did an hour cardio session!!!! awww my poor "no bum" it is so sore after bike riding...... yet i got on the bike at gym today..... now im sitting here writing this blog and thinking about changing my clothes and going out for some more excerise!!! Im not feeling guilty about anything that is for sure, maybe its because im bored and i don't have lil man this week. So on that note im going to go and check my timetable and see what classes are on the gym and if there is nothing there that interests me i might go do some excerise around the res!

Thank you Beckie for your comments about seb and sleeping!! i appreciate it i tell you!!!!


M said...

What a brilliant craving to have. I'll have what you're having LOL.

Hope you have a great day tomorrow and that your cravings continue :D

Beckie said...

I agree with M, what a great craving.... go with it, but remember, your muscles need time to repair during sessions. Every professional athlete will tell ya.

So Seb slept better? I hope so, poor sausage.