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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thank Ness

There is a few personal issue happening in my life right now, a lot of changes will be happening and for the good may i add but one thing i have not done in a long time is thank all my friends and family for all there support and putting up with all my bull shit!

The last 6 months have been a real eye opener for me and certain things have been brought to my attention!! I am very grateful for the life i live and the people that are in my life right now. I have great support from many of you that read this blog and that put up with my text messages and phone calls! and my forearm shot on the tennis court!! Hehehehe!

All my friends are from different cirlces of life and have all taught me different values and how to stay true to myself! and for that i thank you. I wouldn't be the person that I am today if wasn't for all of you!

Sebastyn brings something out of me that i didn't even knew existed! The first time i heard him cry which felt like a bloody long time i knew then that my whole world would change. And it has, its brought me joy, sadness, frustration but most of all unconditional love no matter how much of a rat bag he has been! He has taught me lessons that no one else could teach me! He has taught me how to be strong, and be weak, but most of all appreciation, inspiration and determination to do what i want in life because i want him to grow up knowing that his mother worked her damn arse off to get where she is today and to provide for him and to show him the values in life.

My family is very supportive to me and probably put up with me the most. Living with my younger brother he probably gets the full brunt of me!! I don't think he really understands fully the appreciation that i have for him and how i look up to him in so many ways! He supports me with everything that i do, and he is such a doll with sebastyn! That kid just adores and treasure him like nothing else!! They are very cute when they are together. and seb is very lucky to have an uncle like chris.. He is such a patient person! NOT LIKE ME!!!!!
He is moving out in July which is fantastic for him as he heads in a new direction in his life, but he will be sadly missed in this house hold and im sure for many weeks on end i will get "where is uncle Cwissy"

So to everyone else thanks heaps and ill keep you all updated on my big news!!!

Ill end on my favourite quote in this universe



Chris H said...

I hope Seb doesn't miss his Uncle too much once he goes... we are worried about how Griffin will go when we move to Auckland and leave his Uncles behind! Could be in for some trouble! What big news!!!!???????

AlleyCat said...

A timely reminder to all of us to be thankful & give thanks to those who support us. Well said Ness, a very honest & heartfelt post, thankyou: you bought a tear to my eye.

LBTEPA said...

What a great post and a great quote. I know you'll reach your dreams