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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Weight In

Sooo another loss this week.. 600 grams which im pretty pleased with considering i didn't stuff all excercise...

soo down to 79.1kgs :) Yippie!! i set myself a target this week to see i can lose 1kg. If i don't do it i won't be disappointed.... Its just to see if i can or not!!

I am enjoying tennis heaps its awesome heaps of fun, school is heaps of fun im loving it and enjoying accounting..

Well i better get myself some tea and go get the lil man


Linda said...

Well done Ness :)

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Well done Ness.. you and Ails are cruisin thru this....

Ails said...

What "stuff all exercise"?

You played tennis 3 times - and had to collect wayward balls hit by you outside of the fence a billion times! :P

Miss Beck said...

Arrrgh, we keep missing each other.

Last night a friend of mine, Jody invited you and Seb (and a few other mums and bubs) to New China for a spot of dinner and Karaoke. I couldnt get hold of you though. The kids went nutso and had a ball (play room there!yay!)

I DARE you and Ails to do rock climbing at the Y. I would if I could but I'll take pictures. *grin*

Congratulations on your loss. That all adds up to a nice loss all up Nessa.

I'm working tomorrow, but Scott has Bradman so if you still have his number, give him a buzz and he might meet you with the boys somewhere? Sorry I missed out on seeing Lee and Taj today. Normally we don't have a damn thing on Saturdays.

Chris H said...

Keep up the good work on the weight chick.... DIET COKE ROCKS is back!