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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Who Needs Alcohol!!!!

What an eventful weekend I have had, full on fun, excersise, lack of sleep, the law enforcement and even a bitch fight with the woman from Hell!!

It was a weekend with Ails and I where do I start?????

Dot point Blog coming your way....


  • Worked all day and finished about 6.45pm messaged ails to see if she was up for a game of tennis... Tennis it was!!! An hour of working those bicept muscles and also i have just noticed i now have a wankers muscle starting to happen :) LOL and not from wanking...
  • Decided about 11.30pm even though i was terribly tired to see what was happening in the world of Benders since we have not been out in ages... Went for a drive and guess where we ended up.... 50kms out of Benders and to a closed road.... which means we had to venture to eppalock to get home.
  • Lots of Frac that was being a complete mole!! Grrr that game is addictive but frustrating. for those who do not know what frac is it is 3D tetris....
  • Had a sleep over at ails as there was no way i could drive home, only to find myself waking up with a beautiful cat at my feet and my black pants covered in cat hair... i was coughing up fur balls i tell you.
  • Ails and Me being idiots outside... if you have ever looked at yourself in a car door you will notice that you are really short and fat... Its very funny!!!!


  • Got my hair cut
  • Started to de clutter some old shit im sick of feeling like my draws are full of crap
  • Played another game of tennis and ails was whipping my arse with her serve.... but i got some good shots back :)
  • Ails cooked us a beautiful chicken honey mustard and rice dish for tea... awww it was bliss..
  • Put up with teenage girls playing shitful music next door.. so we thought to drown them out that we would put our music up loud. only to have The police knock on our door at 10.30pm to say that they had had complaints about the noise coming from the houses...... All was good.....
  • Another knock on the door from the barbie girls next door to ask if we could hear their music, please note that music was not on 10 minutes later it started again....
  • Moonlightening eposides where watched and then after the party died down next door and the spewing noises stopped i started to venture home.
  • As i was coming out the driveway of ails place the police where doing a drive by. so i stopped rang ails to let her know and knew that they would be waiting for me around the corner since there was party..
  • so im driving and about two minutes into my journey their lights were on and pulled me over. police "hello where are you heading" me "home" police "did you just come from the party that was around the corner" me "no i was the next door neightbour" police "have you been drinking tonite" me "no" police " promise" me "yes you can breathe test me if you like" police "no we just saw you drive out of the driveway and wondered where you were going that is all since there was party there tonite" "me "thanks have a good nite"


  • after 4 hours of sleep kids birthday party at the fun factory was on order this morning.... picked up seb and went and listened to screaming kids for a couple of hours.
  • then went for a drive to see my beautiful darling friend rinda in maldon and sat at her house for 3 hours listening to the birds and looking at old photos and having a good old bloody catch up..
  • then my favourite point of the this whole weekend.... i won't mention what happened because certain people read this blog, but i had a big fight with adam's mother tonite.. It was fantastic, and to put it bluntly i am never ever going to speak to her again..... and she wonders why none of her children's parents/wives want to have anything to do with her, maybe if she kept her fucking big mouth closed ... anyways thats all i am going to say about that.

So my point is that i had an evenful weekend a fun weekend being crazy and not one drop of alcohol was consumed.

Sooo if anyways is up for a game of tennis go and check out ails blog ...


My weekend has not finished.... seb and i have just been watching the end of Greys anatomy and while i was on the phone to ails, he just came up and pashed me full on eyes closed and all.. My god he is 3 years old!! LOL it was very cute and very funny!!


Ails said...

We used to think that the booze we drank together was responsible for us being total twats when in each other's presence. We were wrong. We are just as pathetic when stone cold sober. And I wouldn't have it any other way xxxx

Ails said...

Awww - you put the 70s gal pic up - looks great!

Linda said...

Cheeky girl - yes! you were born, you were a whole of 4 years old haha..

Sounds like a good weekend - I'm really impressed you were still up for a tennis game after working till late. Well done and see you soon x

Linda said...

Josh does that... He thinks it means we're getting married. I've told him that 1 day he may get married and move out but he wants to stay with me and kick Nick out.

That's too cute.

Anonymous said...

Haha, you mean i read this blog??? Maybe mum had reason for what she said?? Did you ask her????

Have fun!!!

bek xxx

ness said...

Hahaha Linda!!! thats so cute!!! i could imagine josh kicking nick out of the house! its funny how kids rule the house isn't it??

Miss Beck said...

It's terrific that Sebbie is as affectionate as he is.

So much to comment on, sheeesh... ummmm... wrap up = the weekend sounded jam packed and fun!