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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Power of Compliments!

Sooo i went through and did my weight and my measurements, and im pretty disguisted with myself! But i am now on the right path......

I was telling my bosses yesterday how i now have 4 months to get my arse into gear because im sick of feeling like shit and looking like a plump right now, and one of my bosses said to me i just wanted to tell you that i was looking at our website on the weekend(our work one) and how lovely we think you look in it. I didn't know what to say!!! i was like aww thanks. Then she went on to say we were going to sit down with you and tell you that its time you start looking after yourself... but after what i had told her about getting my arse into gear they didn't need to.

So i have now got a little book that i am taking to work with all my dates, goals, and plan for them to have for me, and make me accountable for doing my tasks!!! By having my goals and dates written down it makes it achievable for me.. by not putting a date down for having my goals achieved it could happen when ever.. but having the date I KNOW i have to do it!!

Anyway i just thought it was nice getting a compliment from my bosses who i didn't think would do something like that! Its nice to have someone out of the blue tell you that you look lovely!!! Its always from someone that never expect!!!

Sooooo watch out blog world. Ness is on her way!!!


Chris H said...

Awww ain't that nice!!! You a lucky tart to be working with people who care about ya for sure.

Wanna_B_slim said...

wooohoooooo How lovely... See you are spec.... have a top week...