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The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Backyard Bliss

So i thought i would see how far this wifi works. im sittin in my bak yard!! now all i need is a can :) LOL

i just made carmek fudge!! yeah yeah thats going ti be really good for my weight loss LOL

went into the gym this morning and pushed myself so very hard to get my frustrations out.. i feel great i may add..

had a ball with seb yesterday we danced ti the wiggles and numerous time he had me in hyserics telling me to "cut it out" My singing he is talking about.. suppose i should never give up my daily job :)

so my first week of holidas are nearly over.. awwww how time flies when ur having fun.. LOL

my weekend is going ti consistant of being a good girl.. well at this stage anyways think im going to ails to have a dvd marathon and catch "crouching" its actaully called "coupling" we always put it on when we get homd from drunken nites out but i always seem to fall asleep... Mmm fancy that!! so i said to her since she is not a healthy cookie at the moment that we should watch it!
Few bottles of white!! hehehehe..

My head space today is everywhere.. I have alot of emotions running through it at the moment and its hard to pick a point where to start to work it all out! Maybe from the start would be good!Hey?? I know what i want to achieve and i know i can do it, but my ability for brain and body to work together is another story... Changing my thought patterns would probably be a good idea easier said than done though Vanessa.

I had some stuff said to me yesterday which caught me off guard and now i am pondering about it, not wanting to believe that it is true.. maybe its not true maybe i am reading far to much into it! Or maybe i should believe it.. work on it, get over it and then move on... but something is telling me that is not me... Be true to who i am... I am an out there person and i love being loud and i love being heard! thats me thats my personality?? Well is it?? im questioning myself?? Ill ponder a bit longer! and get back to you

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Chris H said...

Be yourself at all times Ness.... even if it's not quite what someone else wants? Or what you think you Should be? Stay true to yourself.