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Sunday, February 19, 2006


So i started my excerise tonite like i said i would :) I went for a walk/run for 45 minutes around kennington Res. I tell you im feeling it already!!! so I been stretching and stretching to help ease my sore legs:) I am so bloody unfit!! Its terrible.... I hate being so unfit!! But i will get there

Tomorrow morning ill be dropping Seb off to creche and saying good bye to him for the week, and straight into the gym :) Think I might do some weights!! Its been a while. I thought i would concentrate on weights in gym and cardio outside of gym.

So on that note i need a good nite sleep. Sleep tight everyone xxxx


Joc said...

Well done on the running Ness, that is fantastic. I checked out your lingerie, very nice. Good luck with that venture.



barbara said...

Hi vanessa, just came over from Beckie's site, Your child seems lovely. i was a single parent when my boy was little, and i did find going to the gym sometimes did me a lot of good. It was a great way to let out all the stress, and also it kept me fit and healthy and that helped me to keep strong emotionally and physically with being a single mum.
good luck with your slimming fitness journey.

Beckie said...

Good girl! Glad you are back into it!