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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Oh What a night!

Why do i continue to punish myself? I went out for tea with Sheree last nite, and finished the night feeling like a beached whale as we ate that much!! Then i called my dad to see what they were up to as they were catching up with some family friends of ours. So they were still out and i went for a catch up chat!! Then there daughter and I decided to hit the town. I don't usually drink beer and last nite i drank beer. I didn't have many but i have a headache this morning! Im getting way to old for this i tell you! So i have been up for the last couple of hours, cleaning the unit and doing washing, and now waiting 4 dad to come for a coffee before they head back to Melbourne..... and try and convince him to drive me to go and get my car! Otherwise I might ride around..

Well Sheree asked me to do a food diary this week, so i am starting as of today! But i went to have my weetbix this morning and my brother drank all the milk :( Thanks CJ!!!! So now im waiting on dad also to bring me some milk :) So a good start to my eating diary :)

Well Rage sucks this morning so i might kick back on the couch and put desperate housewives on!!

Chow all!!!

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cdb said...

Don't worry about your pig-out and beer drinking - everyone needs to go out and have fun once in a while! I had a bit of a pig-out of my own this weekend - went to a combined 50th and 80th birthday party and ate waaaaaaaaaaay too much cake! Oh well!