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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Gym was my Friend this morning

Im feeling a lot better today!!!!

It was my best mates birthday on Monday Sheree, she is also my Slimplicy coach and my Personal Trainer, and so when I went into the gym this morning i gave her,her present, and the funny thing was that she hadn't given me my birthday present yet (my bday was in Jan) and she had it on her today, so we exchanged gifts :) But the most funniest thing is that she gave me alot of stuff for a bath, and i don't have a bath :( So im going to have to borrow someones bath so i can use these bath salts that she gave me, which are White Chocolate scent which is my favourite chocolate.... ...

Its so funny I get my chocolate cravings off my dad.. he is such a chocolate nut, and his favourite chocolate is also white chocolate, and I always remember when he use to do the shopping he would buy the chocolate and try to hide it.... but my nose use to smell it from a mile away!!!

Anyway today i was in the gym for two hours... Yes two hours... the first half an hour was talking to Sheree, but then i got my butt into gear!!! I did 2x weights, trying really hard to get rid of the nanna arms :)) sorry nanna xxx, and then i did 45 minutes of cardio. I did 15 minutes on the bike, 15 minutes of walking/running on the tredmill, and 15 minutes of this other machine which i don't know the name of, but its like your running in the air.....Ill find out the name!!! Then i did 30 situps, thats all my poor stomach could handle,but I do little crunch things and they really hurt!!

Ohhh has anyone seen pictures of Janet Jackson lately??? What has happened to her???? The poor darling has put on so much weight!! and now her record company is telling her lose your weight or suffer the consequences..... Im probably about to start a debate now, but i think its really sickening that all celebraties have to be stick thin to get anyone in life. What is this teaching the younger generation??? No wonder so many young people have eating disorders.

Im really proud of Debra Messing actually ( she from will & grace) of those of you who know her she use to be so stick thin before she got pregnant and now she is happy with her new body and likes her curves and doesn't want to get rid of them!! I think thats great!!!

Ok on that note, my washing machine has finished.... time to do some housework

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