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Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Day On The Green - Part One

What an awesome weekend! My weekend of day on the green started on the Thursday nite. I went over to Kyabram and stayed with my sister! My little nephew Taj was just so beautiful! He calls me "messy" heheheh this is a picture of him eating tea with one of his cheeky grins..... "Cheese" he says as he looks at the camera. He is just so beautiful and cheeky!! He is nearly 2 years old!

We hit the road to rutherglen which was about 2 hours away from Ky, at about 11.30 Friday morning! Girls weekend. My sister, Megs (a friend) and I. The Car packed to the brim! You would of thought that we were going away for a week. Well we had 3 swags, 2 eski's full of alcohol :) they took up most of the room!

I slept some of the way since i was woken at 6.30 that morning from Taj coming into my room saying "messy" "messy"!! Not use to being up that early!!

We finally arrived and went to an awesome bakery for lunch! Then went and had a quick drive around the town! Oh my god Rutherglen has 4 pubs *well cant really remember if it was 3 or 4* but we were like awesome!!! We went and found the caravan park where we were staying! They put us between two permanent residence which was really nice of them! And thank god because we had a thunder storm at one stage and it pelted down rain and Bob lent us his car port so we could stay dry!!

It was stinky hot!!! Here is a couple of pictures of our camp!
It was a a great little set up!

So we had a few cans and decided to head down the pub for a meal and to watch a live band called "The Fads" Young and awesome!!! Our night ended at about 1am. Lee was pretty gone!! Way past her bed time :) I must say that i didn't enjoy sleeping in a swag! I was terrified that a snake would crawl over me!! and the fact that it was so bloody hot but i wasn't sleeping without my flyernet on!!!

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Beckie said...

How god does that sound? Did ya dance heaps? Dancing drops the kgs I tell ya.

I love sleeping in swags. The ol' country girl in me just loves it.