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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My First PT

Well i had my first PT this morning :) Ohhhh i am so damn sore i tell you but its all worth it. Sheree pushes me which is what i need and I know that i can do it! So i went for a walk after picking my little darling boy up from creche today! Thinking that it would make me feel better! It surely made my legs hurt more!! Looking forward to tomorrow morning :)

I am feeling a little better within myself at the moment!! Im having a happy week :)

Seb started creche on monday and he loves it!! I dropped him off and he didn't care, i went to pick him and he didn't want to come home :(
This photo was taken just before we left for creche.. He is just so beautiful!! I love his smile!!!!

Right at the moment seb is cracking me up!! He is lying on the floor doing the humping action. *If only you could see*


Sheree said...


Sheree here. Was wondering, am I the 'Sheree' you talk about on this post or what? I'm a little confused that's all. Haha.

By the way, a girl from my course knows you and Krys. Her name is Zoe Livingston, and she said she used to ride the bus with you guys in Kerang. Remember her? She's 19, nearly 20...got any idea of her?

Good work though. Keep at it!!! :)

Beckie said...

Good on you!

Fabulous work too Sheree!

Ness, you will be slinking all over the place soon..... slink, slink.

Im so proud of you.

Seb looks gorgeous in that pic too!