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Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Case of needing to Stretch More

Awwww Sheree gave my calf muscles a massage today!! Or should i say a bashing. I bruised straight away!! I need to stretch more.. how much can one stretch????? Lots of bike riding over the next couple of days :) Lots of heat!!!

I have to confess.. I went snooping and found something I should not have come across until it is given to me!! A letter my brother has written me!! I tried to talk to him yesterday about it and try to get him to open up to me about it but he kept telling me that everything was fine!! Even though i now know that everything is not fine. I moved in here as a temp arrangement and now he needs his own space back!! Sooooooo Yeaaahhhhh i understand everything that he is saying and he is not a bad person, but i feel really really alone right now and feel like i got no one!! So off to centrelink tomorrow to see how they can help me!! Probably send me off to St Lukes or something!! I just feel like my whole world is turning upside down!!

On a good note im catching up with Beckie for Lunch tomorrow.. Yaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh its been ages and i missed her :)

Well Ive confessed my sins for the day..

CHALLENGE FOR THE WEEK - To lose a KILO!!! Im nearly out of the 80's and i want to be out of the 80s


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