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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Not a good start to Monday

Real Estate agents!!! Im not a happy Jam right now!!! I rang a real estate agent this morning, to tell them that I rang them 2 weeks ago about a property that i was interested looking through. Anyway the girl told me that my application wasn't successful and i said hang on a minute, i haven't even looked through the place yet. You told me that you would ring me. She said sorry we have approved a person who didn't look through it!! Im like ohh thanks for that!!!

Im just really pissed off that they didn't contact me, when they said they would! It was in the ideal location for me, and i didn't even have the opportunity!

Anyways so im now applying for a couple of jobs and then heading into the gym to sweat my anger out!!!

Have a wonderful day people


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cdb said...

I hate dealing with real estate offices too! People really treat you like crap when you rent - I've rented ever since I've moved out of home and even though I've always had a good job and references, they always seem to treat me like some hobo who is going to smash up the place! When I moved from my last place they complained it wasn't clean enough and wouldn't give my bond back - so when I went back in to clean it there was a little note saying there was one tile behind the toilet that was a little dusty! Bastards!