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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Thursday - Swimming Day

Is anyone else home when Moonlighting is on prime with bruce willis?? Hahahahahaa so funny so funny!!

Anyways went swimming with Seb this morning! My god that child loves the water!! Maybe he is going to be the next Ian Thorpe.( minus the illnesses he has at the moment. Hope he can make it to the commonwealth games). Anyways i really love Thursday because its my kinda catch up on sleep when i have seb week! Since swimming wears him out he sleep most of the day!! So i have nanna naps too!! Im not handling the whole Seb getting up at 6.30- 7.00 in the morning. He use to sleep in until like 10am what happened????? We would snuggle up in Bed together and sleep sleep sleep. Now he just wants to play play play!!!!

Off to the gym tonite to do a cardio work out. I have weigh in tomorrow morning :) I have been keeping my food diary just like sheree asked. I think i have been pretty good but will see what she says tomorrow!!

I have a photo i want to share. I don't like this photo but it was when adam and Iwent to China last year! I actually weighed 89.9 kilos here. So i lost some Just excuse the date on the photo as its wrong :) My brother didn't have it set on his camera properly..

Well better get ready for gym, and little man has just risen!!

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cdb said...

Oh, I can relate to the early bird child (arrgghhh!) I'm not a morning person and my little one wakes anywhere from 5.30am - 7am in the morning. He woke at about 5.45am this morning and I am soooooooooo tired! And YES, I've caught a few old moonlighting episodes and Bruce Willis is hilarious (not to mention quite sexy - god I never thought I'd say that about Bruce Willis!!!)