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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Weigh in - Week 9

I NO LONGER WEIGH 80!! Yes you read correctly. I lost 1.8 kilo this week, which takes me to 78.5 kgs!!! Good work Nessie :) My body fat went up a little, just gotta drink more water!! I am now so close to my first major goal of losing 10 kilos!!! I have to work that little harder to get my body fat down but i will get there! I just feel so good that I am achieving this! Its good motivation for me that I am losing weight nearly everyweek, because I know that I am doing what I am suppose to. But I need to focus more on my body fat and reducing it!

Im still feeling a little stiff after my PT session, not only do i have sore muscles but i have very nice war wounds on my elbows from carpet burn from commando crawling!!! Mmm never again!!!

I message sheree yesterday and told her that i felt like i had been hit by a truck, i could not move, i could not pick seb up from the cot!! and she said something to me that i wanted to share with you because i think it makes a lot of sense. She message me back saying "Remember pain is just the weakness leaving the body" and I so believe that! It can mean so many things! Your working yourself so hard to be that stronger person!

Everyone on weight lose challenges, be proud of your achievements and be positive and stay positive and know that you have my support! Goals can be achieved and there is more to losing than weight than just how much you weigh! and I have come to realise that! As long as your feeling better about yourself, feeling stronger, fitter, healthier than you are on the road to success!


cdb said...

Hey Ness! What a fantastic loss - it must feel great to no longer be an 80s girl!! You should be really proud of yourself. I really like your PT's comment - I'll remember that next time I feel like whinging after be sore from lunges.

Beckie said...


SEE???? Hard work pays off. Just gotta keep on that roundabout.

Matty says "Hi ness, congratulations on your loss! We have to catch up, it's been about 2 years!!!"

haha, he's a peanut.

Maybe Sheree might need to provide some arm protection next time she's doing commando crawls?

M said...

Whoooo Hooooo. Welcome to the 70's. A time of great fashion, great music, and great shoes. What a wonderful place :D

Way to go this week. You are doing so well.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend

Jadey 0:-) said...

Fantastic work hun - You know you have worked well if you get that burn!!! I highly recommend investing in L-Glutamine which is a pure amino acid. It helps with the rebuilding and repair of muscle and helps alot with the pain. It will mean you can still move the next day.

Jadey 0:-) said...

BTW Ness we are doing a 6 week challenge on living in the suburbs www.livinginthesuburbs.com would love to see you there!