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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Weigh in - Week 5

So i had another lose this week, both weight .6kgs and body fat .5% :) So least its something!!

Im very proud of myself!!


cdb said...

Hiya ness! Congrat's on the loss - all of your hard work is definitely paying off!! I had one bad day last week and it was enough to put me back up on the scales...damn!
Thanks for you comment on my blog - that is sooooo freaky about that guy following you. There are some serious weirdos around.
I haven't heard about someone getting kicked off the biggest loser...very interesting! (That show has already sucked me right in!)

Beckie said...

Nessa, I am so proud of you! Body fat percentages are a great way to see what you've done. E.G. you may not have lost much weight due to muscle growth but you may have lost body fat.

We've been flat out clearing the loungeroom (YES!!) and have had visitors so I will be in contact early next week.

Jadey 0:-) said...

Good on you hun! You can even see exactly where that weight is coming from with your BF% which is awesome.