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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Weigh in - Week 8 plus measurements

Soooo my weight and body fat was the same this week but i got my measurements done.. I lost 15cms this month.. how exciting 6cms on my bum!! LOL no wonder I have no bum.. So knowing that in 2 months i have lost 30cms i am on cloud 9!! I feel so damn good!!! A whole ruler length!!! Sooo i know that im on the right track!!!

Well had my interview today with FRH it went good!! will find out next week.

Im having my lil boy tonite as adam has hockey tomorrow 4 comm games!! Can't wait!!


Jadey 0:-) said...

How is your ankle feeling today hun?? Much better I hope.
Very well done on those measurements! You are doing so well even despite your injury.

I know what you mean about RE agents, in rentals they just do not give a shit about anyone but themselves and I have no idea how some of them stay in business. ALWAYS try and get the landlords own details so if the RE is a PITA in future you can let the owner know directly.

How have you been going with these job interviews? Good Luck

Beckie said...

Congrats in 30cms! As I said to you today, if the losses arent what you expect on the scales, the cms always brightened me up.

You are doing a terrific job!