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Saturday, March 18, 2006

"Have you got a one dollar note"

LOL!! Sheree and I were getting tea tonite and she asked me for a one dollar note!!! Think her brain was back a few years!! Did anyone keep one dollar notes by the way??

On that note does anyone collect anything interesting??? Hehehehe!! I collect 20 and 50cent pieces, but the ones that have all the different pictures on them :) Why i have no idea, but i just like it!! They might be worth something one day!! hahahaha!!!


I ended up going into the gym yesterday and doing a 60 minutes cardio work out, and 30 minutes of that was the easy step class... I woke up this morning with sore calves :( So lots of stretching to try and get them better again.

I got a dining set today which i'm pleased about, now i just need the house/unit to put it in. I applied for one flat this week and they told me that i will find out middle of next week if i get it, but i have found a couple of others that interest me so have to wait until monday to see if i can have a look through them!

Hopefully I will hear something on Monday about the job interview that i had yesterday! Fingers crossed.... But im not getting my hopes up! what happens, happens!

Im just writing random stuff so that is why this is all over the place, im writing what is coming to my head.

Which reminds me i have a biter in my family at the moment, and i don't know what to do about it, because everytime i tell him off about it he laughs straight back at me, and i have tried biting him back not hard of course and he laughs at me and when i tell him no, he is back chatting me with gibber!! He doesn't know his own strengths and it really concerns me because i don't want him biting children at creche! But last night he was biting my tummy, my boobs, my nose, and it was just really frustrating me! I just hope that he grows out of it really quickly!!! otherwise!! Ill have to pull his teeth out :) hehehehe!!

I was not at all surprised by biggest loser weigh in on friday. Bye Bye Tracie and Artie!!!!

Well my eyes are feeling heavy, so might go put my head on the pillow and hopefully pass out for a couple of hours before lil one wants a bottle!! Ohhh wish he would grow out of that too and sleep through the nite!!!!!! When i get 6 -8 hours sleep straight i will be one happy Mum and the whole world will know about it I tell you!

Night night my readers!!

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Jadey 0:-) said...

Oh bugger if you tried biting him back and that didn't work I got no idea. Unless you bite harder so it's uncomfortable for him. (no point in being too lite about it now huh then he doesn't understand why it's bad) Mum bit me when I started biting as a little one and I stopped the first time.