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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I have an injury

So i was eager this morning i went into the gym and was doing combat, my i say i was up at 5.45am for a 6.15am start, we were on the last track, and bang my left ankle went!!Yup im out of action, of all bloody days!! I have two job interviews today so aren't I going to be remembered!

Well better get this ice pack off 4 twenty minutes!! :(


cdb said...

That's a total bummer about your ankle! My knee is bung at the moment - such a pain!
I'm sure you'll be remembered at your interviews for more than your injury. Best of luck and remember you deserve to have a great job and they will be lucky to have you!

M said...

It is always the people who get remembered who get the jobs. The ones who are insipid and forgetful don't. OK it would be great to be remembered for something else as well but I say go for it LOL.

Have just caught up and you are doing so well. How great are you with your exercise at the moment. Fantastic.

Keep up the great work. Good luck with the interview :D